Building Permits

Design – Supervision – Construction

Preliminary Design – Final Design

In communication  with you and after taking into account all your thoughts- wishes and the current building laws, our office undertakes the preparation of a preliminary and then final design of the construction you wish.
This includes two-dimensional drawings of floor plans, elevations, sections and three-dimensional representations of the building under study. These architectural drawings can then be used to issue the necessary building permit.
Our meetings with you ensure that your wishes are fulfilled in the best possible way, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Issue of a building permit

Our office undertakes the preparation of the file for the issuance of building permits and their submission to the competent Building department, ( pre-approvals – studies) and the processing of the file at the Building department  until the issuance of the Building Permit.

Implementation studies

Our office is able to undertake the preparation of an application study for building construction projects and deliver to the client or the contractor of his choice, a complete file with construction drawings, which will ensure the quality of the construction of the project.

Project budget – Estimation of construction costs

Having prepared an application study, but also from the drawings of the building permit or the study for cases where no building permit is required, our office is able to prepare a budget for each project and make a very accurate estimate of the cost of the project.


Our office can undertake the supervision of any construction project. Specialized engineers with daily presence on the project can give the appropriate instructions to the crews and the contractor, but also check the correctness of the work carried out, ensuring the final quality of the project. They also control the cost of construction based on the budget and ensure the minimum final deviation from it.


Our office can undertake the construction of any building project. We can  select and organize suitable  and specialized professionals required for the build. Saving our clients time and strees. The engineers of the office supervise the crews and ensure the quality of the construction. They monitor the cost based on budget and ensure minimum deviation from it.