TourMake Technology

The Virtual Tour, as mentioned in our previous service VIEWMAKE, evolves and with the TOURMAKE application enhances the capabilities of Google Street View, providing Google certified photographers with a new work environment with innovative and customizable elements for information, booking, sales, services.
The graphic and technological appearance of Tourmake is determined by various plugins that can be added and connected to a Virtual Tour, making it more exciting and therefore more successful!
The plugins concern information about the place, reservations, sales, the ability to insert videos (4K, 360), dynamic maps.

  •  Integration of the virtual tour on the major social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, G+, Pinterest.
  • Ability for users to leave a “geolocalized” and filtered comment, referring to a specific area of ​​the virtual tour.
  • Ability for users from the virtual tour to book a room, excursion, table and even purchase products while the owner or manager will be informed in real time via e-mail.
  • Dynamic map which shows us at which points we have created panorama photos and with a Click takes us to the desired point.
  • Creation of a unique Link and QR code of the Tour.
  •  Dynamic navigation tools.
  • Ability to Browse through Menu.
  • Ability to create a site.
  • Ability to create App.
  • Ability to insert in each image 360 ​​panorama information, Video, entire texts.

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Virtual Tour with TOURMAKE Technology of “Sitia Beach City Resort & Spa”, Sitia, Crete, Greece.

It is possible to continuously monitor your data and develop detailed statistics useful for monitoring user behavior.

  • Virtual tour visits.
  • Average navigation time in the virtual tour.
  • The times the user has changed panorama during tour browsing.
  • Reservations through the specific add-on.
  • Number of clicks on points of interest.
  • Number of clicks on links to external pages.