Energy Certificate of Building (EC)

Issued in accordance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulation

According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulation K.En.A.K. (Article 14), the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for buildings:

  • Shows the energy classification of the building.
  • The EPC shall include, among other info , the general data of the building, the calculated annual total primary energy consumption of the reference building and the building under consideration, the annual energy consumption by energy source and end use, the actual annual total final energy consumption, the calculated and actual annual carbon dioxide emissions, and recommendations for improving the energy performance of the building.
  • Any notary drawing up a deed of sale of a property shall mention the protocol number of the EPC in the contract and attach an official copy of the EPC to the contract.
  • In each lease of real estate, the protocol number of the EPC must be filled in the relevant fields of the electronic lease declarations submitted after 09/11/2015 pursuant to Article 58, para. 3, Ν.4342 /2015.
  • In case the  EPC is issued in the framework of programmes for the residential sector financed by national and/or Community funds, the recommendations of the Energy Inspector are indicated, in priority, based on the eligible interventions, in each case.
    The EPC. is valid for ten years, except in the case of radical renovation of the building before the ten-year period has elapsed, in which case it expires at the end of the renovation work.