Virtual Reality

PLANO S.L.A. is a Trusted Google Maps Partner for Google Street View 360 and a Certified/Awarded Partner or the Global Software platform of TOURMAKE, It offers its services to both companies and individuals.

It specializes in interactive Virtual Tours, indoor and outdoor, using the top Virtual Tour technology.View any area of interest interactively, as if you were in the area/space yourself and enjoy an amazing experience.

360⁰ Virtual Tours using PLANO S.L.A.

Our innovation in this field, is the ability of connecting aerial 360 photos with land 360 photos creating a very impressive result . We offer the possibility of adding information during the Virtual tour of your area, visible to a guest as a Menu, Interactive Map or Pop Ups while navigating. This information (plugins) can be texts, videos, photos. You manage all feedback’s from you potential clients by email or phone.

For further information, feel free to contact us.