Static Studies

Structural – dynamic studies for constructions

We undertake your static – dynamic studies for structures of any type and material of load-bearing structure. We offer studies for the following:

  • Structural study of a steel structure using heavy structural steel
  • Structural studies in steel structures using thin-walled sections of galvanized steel – light type
  • Structural study of a composite structure (use of a combination of structural steel and concrete in the load-bearing structure)
  • Structural studies in reinforced concrete structures
  • Structural study of load-bearing masonry (brickwork, clay brickwork or masonry)
  • Structural study of wooden structures – roofs – basements
  • Structural study of load-bearing capacity and assessment – Study of the structural adequacy of existing structures
  • Structural studyfor the restoration and strengthening of existing structures
  • Special static and dynamic studies – analyses (inelastic static study of lateral thrusts, check of connections, static mixed structures, etc.)