Electronic Building ID

The electronic building identity is an electronic file that records all the details of a property and the changes from its construction to the current date it is issued.

What is a Building Identity Certificate and what is its purpose?

It is an electronic application (electronic file) that aims to record the current status of the building or the divided property and their permits in order to monitor and control their changes during their lifetime.
Private engineers are responsible for the submission of the electronic building/divided property identification card.

What does the Electronic File include?

1) The building permit (with revisions if any) of the building.
2) The plans that follow the building permit
3) The Energy Performance Certificate of the property
4) The construction inspection certificate (if issued)
5) Declarations of affiliation to laws suspending the imposition of penalties on arbitrary buildings
6) The floor plans which show the divided property in its actual condition when this is not evident from the data in cases 1, 2 and 5
7) The structural vulnerability report or the technical report of the structural inspection or the structural adequacy study.
8) The % of each property  and the cost allocation study of the building, if available.

Which buildings must issue an Electronic Identity ?

All buildings or divided properties that have been or are being erected on the basis of a building permit as well as buildings or divided properties for which transactions in rem are permitted.

When does an owner of a property need to issue a Building Identity Certificate?

The Building Identity Certificate ισ required from the Notary, when a property is being transferred (sale, changing ownership ).