ViewMake Technology

360° Virtual Tours is a new technique applied for the 3D photo realistic visualization of various spaces.
The visual effect that one sees in the Virtual Tour is a composition of photographs, in such way as to create a sense of continuity and real presence in an area.
Virtual tours enable internet users to virtually visit the premises of a business, museum, a special outdoor route with a use of desktops, tablets, smartphones, i-phones, i-pads.
It is one of the most modern tools of digital marketing used widely worldwide.

PLANO S.L.A. having acquired great experience and expertise in the field of Virtual Tours, can offer high aesthetic results that will impress the visitors of your website.
In many cases, HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography techniques are used in order to achieve the best possible result for the display of our customers facilities.
The Virtual Tours created with VIEWMAKE Technology give a =n even result, with the possibility of “touring” with an arrow or a slide show.

           Virtual Tour of “Villa Bordeaux”, Fira, Santorini, Greece

We create a Link of the Virtual Tour that is incorporated into the website, published on Google Maps, shared on Facebook and Pinterest.
All our Tours are hosted on the servers of “TOURMAKE” in Italy. This way we do not take up space on your servers.
This is how we ensure smooth viewing of the Virtual tour created,ithout delays, regardless of the number of visitors at the same time or size of Tour.

Drone, 360 panorama photos

          Virtual tour of “Santo Maris”, Oia, Santorini, Greece.